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Street Dance Vol3 + Soirée Hip Hop, Village Club


Vendredi 20 Juin 2014, Village Club, Juans les pins.

Street Dance Vol 3 + Grosse Soirée Hip Hop

Dj NeeKo Killa On the wheels all Night Long - Hip Hop, Dancehall, Club...

Fête de la musique


On The Wheels, Samedi 21 Juin 2014, Fête de la Musique.

20h a 1h - Hip-Hop - Dancehall - Club - Mash-up - House ... Come & Get Some !!

Entrée Gratuite

dj neeko killa, fete de la musique 2014

Blaze it Up Summer Mixtape 2014 is Availlable !!


Thank you all for your patience, i sincerely hope that you will enjoy this Dirty HipHop Mixtape. Inna your Car & Inna Your Bed ;-)

Free Download link below (Direct Download)

(RAR / ZIP file) Full Mixtape + Cover + Extra link.

Single MP3 Files - (One Shot 73min Mp3 - Right Clik, Save target as... / Clik Droit enregistrer le lien sous...)


Mix Nomination 2014


Dj NeeKo Killa - Mix Nomination 2014. (Dj's Friendly Battle concept)

Red Bull Street Dance - Le Village Club


Allan Brooks & Tery Millions Present :

24/01/2014 @ Village Club - Red Bull Street Dance

FB Event Clik Here

- Dj NeeKo Killa
- Dj Black Q

First Edition More than 1000 peoples ... Come & Get Some !!


All style battle & HipHop Party Village Club


Allan Brooks & Tery Millions Present :

29/11/2013 @ Village Club - All Style Battle & Hip Hop Party

FB Event Clik Here

- Dj NeeKo Killa
- Dj Black Q

It already Jampacked .. Good Luck ..Come & Get Some...

Zulu Nation 40th Anniversary - GrandMaster Dee Nasty & NeeKo Killa


On the Wheels With GrandMaster Dee Nasty for the "Zulu Nation 40th Anniversary" Organized by "La gamelle"  with MIta Music ( www.mitamusic.com )

Dee Nasty (Born 1960) is a DJ, producer, and Hip-Hop pioneer in Paris, France. Dee Nasty, the Parisian father of Hip Hop, is one of Radio Nova’s original DJs. Dee Nasty is best known for producing France’s first Hip Hop record.
Dj Dee Nasty Was also the First dj in France to practice the Art of scratching.

Partenariat : http://www.mitamusic.com

On the way to the pyramids


ONE MORE FOR MY BBOYS !! Dj Neeko Killa - Kario K

"On the way to the Pyramids" Album Preview, Work in progress.. Enjoy !

Free Download link below  (Right Clik, Save target as... / Clik Droit enregistrer la cilble du lien sous...)

Neeko Killa - Accept the Truth
NeeKo Killa - Kario - K

Peace, Unity, Love & Have Fun.

JDLF Battle 2013


On The Wheels - JDLF Battle 2013 - Quarter Finals
(Pockemon Vs Lhiba King Zoo) Winner Pockemon

Video Of The Battle - Clik Here



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Dj NeeKo is playing amazing sound !!

I danced all night long

Dalai Lama

Dj NeeKo Killa - Village Club

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